I trained with Jen for almost two years and she's the best trainer around! She inspires healthy habits and consistency and knows when to push you and when to encourage you and what types of movement your body needs to give you efficient and maximum results. Her masters degree in nutrition makes her the quintessential fitness and lifestyle coach. This girl is a fitness champion, an athlete, a friend. You're lucky to get the chance to train with her. I got in the best shape of my life thanks to her!  

 -Mollie J.

One of the best personal trainers I've worked with. Jennifer helped me get on track physically while helping me with nutritional needs. Super motivating and always there to support!

-Bahman Z.

Jennifer is amazing! She transformed my body before my wedding and I couldn't be happier. I had never worked out and couldn't even do one push up when I first started my training sessions! (True story) Now I feel so strong and accomplished. She helped me lower my body fat and taught me how to eat right. Trainers who act like drill sergeants can be intimidating for people like me who don't work out regularly, but she was someone who pushed me all while being patient. Jennifer helped me achieve my goals!

-Michelle A.